For Siemens, cyber security is a foundational component of digitalization and intelligent infrastructure. Through partnership with OA OT (Claroty), Siemens utilizes cyber expertise and OA OT (Claroty)'s ICS network anomaly detection to help customers increase visibility and reduce cyber risks to their industrial networks.

Schneider Electric

OA OT (Claroty) is a key partner for network security monitoring system within the Schneider Electric Collaborative Automation Partner Program (CAPP). CAPP enables Schneider Electric to offer complete business solutions by integrating innovative technologies developed by its partner ecosystem into its own offerings.

Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation is an authorized reseller of OA OT (Claroty) products and OA OT (Claroty) is a member of The Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork.


ORIGONE is a registered Business Partner of IBM and collaborates with various IBM entities around the globe.


IAI is not only a customer using Orisecure Foundation features, yet is also a partner conducting extensive developments and R&D efforts to develop state-of-the-art cyber defense technologies.

Global Cyber Alliance

ORIGONE serves as a champion of GCA and its mission. We made a commitment (technical, intelligence, communications or financial contribution) to help eradicating cyber risk by participating in GCA’s projects.