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Stopping Threats with Advanced CDR Technology

Cyber defenses are a must for all enterprises, yet many companies deploy solutions that are powerless in an environment where undisclosed and zero-day attacks abound. With cybercriminals becoming more sophisticated than ever and investing enormous effort in preparing successful targeted attacks, a revolutionary approach to cyber protection is required.

This patented Advanced Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology provides the ultimate solution for stopping undisclosed and zero-day threats before they come through an organization’s door.

The Need

Today’s ever-increasing reliance on data brings with it elevated risks, threats, and vulnerabilities for organizations and communication networks, and many of these vulnerabilities are undetectable by traditional network security devices.1 In the past, cyber threats affected only a small portion of business activity. However, as the reliance on data continues to grow, so too does the impact of cyber threats on organizations’ business activity. With the increasingly aggressive nature of cyber attacks, novel approaches to security are needed to successfully protect organizations.

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ProtectKeyboard NEW Features:

Windows 10 Universal Apps Protection: Universal apps are now protected with keystroke encryption.

Windows 10 Edge Browser Protection: MS Edge browser is now protected with keystroke encryption.

Clipboard Protection: Data copied to the clipboard is now encrypted.

Anti-Hooking Technology: Programs that use low-level keyboard hooks for keystroke recording and now prevented from capturing data.

• Mouse Click Protection: Malware programs designed to record mouse clicks (events) are now prevented from capturing any & all mouse events.

Crypto-Color for Edge, Chrome, Firefox & Opera: We have added Crypto-Color to MS Edge, Chrome, Firefox & Opera.

• Enhanced Keystroke Encryption Protection for apps running at “High Integrity Level” (elevated privilege): Any programs that run with elevated privileges are now protected by keystroke encryption, screen capture protection & clipboard encryption.

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Futurism/Cyber Scrum Tallin, Estonia 07/09/2017

UK-NL Cyber Showcase The Hague, NL 26-27/09/2017

Cyber Tech Europe Rome, Italy 26-27/09/2017

3RD ANNUAL ENERGY CYBER SECURITY EXECUTIVE FORUM "America Square Conference Centre 25/09/2017

Malvern Festival of Innovation Wyche Innovation Centre, 05-06/10/2018

UK Industry Day at NATO HQ Brussels, Belgium 24/10/2017

North America

Billington Cyber Security Summit Washington DC, USA 13/09/2017

InfoSec USA Boston, USA 04-05/10/2017

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1st place at the European/American Pitch Awards Competition during MatchFest at CES 2017
Awarded by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Selected Scale-up by EIT Digital Accelerator 

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"We are very happy that Origone scooped 1st place at the European/American Pitch Awards Competition during MatchFest, they should be very proud of this achievement at the prestigious CES 2017 in Las Vegas."”

Dolf Wittkamper
Head of EIT Digital Accelerator

“Great Cyber Resilience platform capable of identifying illegal activities on the internet at a very fast pace.”

“EIT Digital Accelerator member Origone has won first place at the European/American Pitch Awards competition during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017.”

European Commission H2020 Projects
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"ORISECURE uses Cognitive Intelligence to take actions and protect assets before cybercrimes occur."

ORIGONE will continue to thrive in the cyber security market because 

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