Fight fraud , identity and data theft,​
Guarantee protection and security for assets and critical values.
Assess the maturity of security and populate your ​Governance Risk and Compliance Management Dashboards and reports.
Identify the attackers, their attack methods, the damages caused, and residual risks that may remain.
Train your teams to attack and defense tactics on a simulated environment & cyber range for OT & IT.
The Orisecure Difference
THE ORISECURE platform is an Aggregation of malware protection, threat intelligence, governance risk compliance (GRC), and cyber range technologies.

Benefits For OT & IT infrastructures
Prevents malware intrusion, Provides network visibility with threat landscapes, real-time relevant threat alerts, risks analysis, financial impacts, and mass-customization of attack scenarios for training purposes.

Unlike mundane committees, consultancies, and workshops it is fully automated and uses Machine Learning to empower employees with effective technology.

ORISECURE is a Cost-effective one-stop-shop using other methodologies than empirical based detections and burdensome in-house developments, installations, or maintenance.


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