OI - Automatic Intelligence Collection (DARK/DEEP/OSINT)


ORISECURE Cyber Threat Intelligence is an industrialized tool to monitor open source activities and Deep / Dark Web, with particular emphasis on virtual HUMINT operations. 

COVERT - Prevent attacks before they occur Our proprietary technology makes us invisible to cyber criminals. We developed hidden service locators that pinpoint and track illegal Dark Web hideouts. 

CONTINUOUS - Detect and control organizational data leaks By continuously tracking & discovering communication nodes across evolving darknets, we trace malicious activity back to their original sources. 

COMPREHENSIVE - Observe the attackers' planning process We monitor criminal activity from start to finish. From target selection, reconnaissance and planning, to the actual sale of information or goods. 

AUTOMATIC - Generate customized & actionable intelligence Fully Automated Intelligent monitoring algorithms provide deeper reach, more comprehensive analysis, and prioritized real-time alerts.