OF-SDS - Disarmer FOR WEB

Taking Secure Web Gateway to the Next Level Unmonitored browsing poses a substantial risk to your enterprise.

OF-SDS Disarmer for Web Added Security Layer for a Seamless, Zero-Day Protected Browsing Experience

Taking Secure Web Gateway to the Next Level Unmonitored browsing poses a substantial risk to your enterprise. 

Every time your employees go online they are exposing you to data loss, ransomware, and other advanced persistent threats aiming to pervade your internal network. Threats such as malicious executables, dangerous scripts, and weaponized documents are often innocently downloaded by end-users. 

The solution is to enforce browsing compliance using a powerful filter against web-borne malware. 

OF-SDS Disarmer for Web is a robust solution for eliminating zero-day threats from any file, document or data downloaded from any web browser. 

OF-SDS CDR Disarmer neutralizes all of these threats without disrupting the user experience or affecting the business process. 

High Performance, No Latency Ensuring safe browsing doesn't mean slowing your employees down. 

OF-SDS Disarmer's advanced CDR protection ensures full productivity is intact once files are reconstructed. 

Safe Browsing, Safe Download 

OF-SDS Disarmer for web ensures users downloaded files are always cleansed before use. 

The Disarmer makes browsing a seamless, secure experience, no matter how dangerous the website, or how contaminated the downloaded files they will always enter your network safely disarmed, and fully functional.   

Easy Integration to Proxy Servers 

OF-SDS Disarmer for web connects to your organization's proxy servers, making it a barrier between the proxy and your organization. 

Within minutes, every downloaded file from the web is automatically disarmed and reconstructed for full usability. 

Increased Productivity Features 

The additional security layer to enhance web isolation environment protection, allows users to bring content to the non-isolated network 

Scalable deployment 

Future proof protection

Low TCO and easy maintenance Zero latency 

Allows organization policies according to file type, size, or department. Deploy Anywhere, Within Minutes Cloud All you need is the OF-SDS Disarmer. 

Once you have that, you set the proxy server to send downloaded files to the Disarmer. It only takes a few minutes! On-Premise All you need is the OF-SDS Disarmer.