Secure Your Email Gateway from Evasive Zero-Day Attacks

Secure Your Email Gateway from Evasive Zero-Day Attacks 

The email channel of business communication has increasingly gained popularity among cyber criminals and is today one of the most common targets for malicious attacks such as identity theft, banking scams, spear phishing, zero-day, and ransomware. 

The most sophisticated among these malicious cyber-attacks are those that bypass most security barriers under the radar, leaving enterprises in their most vulnerable state: unaware and therefore, unprotected. 

The File Disarmer provides the most advanced email protection available today against undisclosed threats. Easily integrated with every other security defense, the File Disarmer sanitizes your email and attachments from any known or unknown malware that other systems fail to detect, ensuring a safe use within less than 1 second.   

 A Proven, Certified Protection Used worldwide by governments, banks, defense agencies, pharmaceuticals and critical infrastructure companies, and certified by the international standard of Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (ISO/IEC 15408). 

Innovative Defense Against Sophisticated Threats The incoming email messages are automatically routed to OF-SDS. 

The Disarmer then dissects every email traversing into the organization to its basic elements such as HTML body and attachments, inspecting those elements and then recursively cleansing each of them from any potentially exploitable content and malicious code, thus providing a safe message. 

Impeccable Workflow 

The cleansed files are reconstructed, while preserving the integrity and functionality of the original data, and are then safe to save and edit. 

The email messages and their attachments are safely sent to the organization's email server for a continuous, undisturbed workflow and secure management of incoming email content. 

The entire process is invisible to users, lasting less than a second. 

Unified Control & Monitoring 

ORISECURE Central Management allows you to view, analyze, control and monitor incoming emails in real-time from one user-friendly console. 

The OF-SDS Central dashboard provides an easy-to-use general overview of your content traffic and system performance, as well as a thorough analysis into your system's health, while the friendly Policy Manager tool helps you create effective policies, no matter how complex- within minutes. 

Increased Productivity 

Features Lightweight footprint for processing thousands of emails per hour 

Comprehensive report generation 

Scalable deployment 

Future proof protection 

Low TCO and easy maintenance 

Zero latency 

Few-Clicks Integration 

OF-SDS Disarmer for email is an inline solution, making it easy to integrate with any email server out there. 

All you need is to re-route your SMTP traffic to the OF-SDS Disarmer, and your emails will be neutralized before even reaching your network. 

Deploy Anywhere, Within Minutes 


Easily install OF-SDS Disarmer as a virtual appliance on your existing virtual machine environment. 


Easily re-route your email traffic to ORISECURE's Data Center