OA OT Enterprise Management Console

Consolidated Management with Multi-site View of Traffic, Assets and Activities and an easy Integration With Security Tools

Consolidated Management 

ORISECURE Enterprise Management Console is a centralized management interface that consolidates data from ORISECURE products across multiple sites, and displays a unified view of assets, activities and alerts, making it highly suitable for security operations center (SOC) deployments. 

Multi-site View of Traffic, Assets and Activities

Receive consolidated cross-site asset, alert and activity data  filtered and analyzed to proactively highlight operational issues and spot important security trends. 

Comprehensive View for Your SOC Teams Consolidated view providing your SOC teams with enterprise visibility, actionable alerts, and the context to rapidly and collaboratively investigate and resolve threats across your entire ICS system.


Integration With Security Tools

ORISECURE integrates with existing SOC infrastructures including SIEM, security analytics, and others. SOC teams can utilize existing tools to filter, correlate and analyze data complementing their existing IT security knowledge with insights into OT security. 

Complete IT/OT Network Visibility 

Complete IT/OT Network Visibility Receive ICS asset, alert and activity data for consolidated IT/OT security. 

Comprehensive Threat Detection and Hunting 

Comprehensive Threat Detection and Hunting Multi-site, enterprise view across large environments. 

Streamlined SOC Operations Streamlined SOC Operations Integration with existing security tools allows security teams to gain real-time situational awareness on active and potential threats.