OA IT - Dynamic Trend Analysis

ORISECURE is a must have - the flood of threat intelligence and defensive information can no longer be analysed manually.

ORISECURE provides multiple facets of an end-to-end - cyber risk and security management solution. 

Common language for cyber risk and security professionals both operationally and strategically. 

Monitor threats and maturity of defences.

Measure adherence to compliance standards both internal and external on a day to day basis. 

Manage and fully optimize cybersecurity posture

Cyber Threat Intelligence Methodology 

End-to-end patented methodology and technology 

Optimization model of aggregated defensive power Controls Maturity ? Continuous monitoring of controls maturities 

Rapid deployment of assessment system Intelligence Analysis 

Multilingual semantic analysis 

Big-Data warehouse for any intelligence source

Quantifications of intelligence per threat-agents, attack methods, geographies, business sectors, assets