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We would be delighted to count you among our customers, to accompany you on deploying ORISECURE solution, we need to collect some information about your company and identify the point of contact responsible for the deployment.

The deployment of the ORISECURE solution for SecureEmail "sanitization" of emails consists of a pre-routing incoming mail from your server to a remediation server before redirecting them to your server once the neutralization is completed. To this end we need to collect some information about your infrastructure.

1. Please give us the target domain information or a subdomain
test (eg to enable us to add it to our whitelist of identified areas. ( Name of targeted domain )
2. Please provide email routing information for each area
(next hop) (eg for (mail server).
3. Please wait for a confirmation from your ORIGONE contact
including confirmation of functional testing for "sanitization" of
automatic email messages.

4. Only after the confirmation of the effective implementation
of the solution is given to you, we ask you to add the new domain name provided to your DNS records as a priority MX (lowest priority) as in the following example:

Priority           Points to                               TTL
   0                 300
  10                             3600

The ORISECURE solution for Mobile helps secure your mobile devices.

The procedure for an individual installation as part of the evaluation of the solution is very simple.

After enlisting your email address you will receive a link to reset your password, allowing you to authenticate your application.

You will then receive the links to download the application appropriately to the mobile terminal on the official stores.

You will also receive the links to download the ORISECURE PC/tablette feature for anti-keylogging.

After installing the client, enter the temporary license key that we will send you: all user licenses are valid for 30 days.

The keystrokes on the computer will then be encrypted and unreadable by any key loggers.